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Optimizing People

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Your Knowledge Capital is one of your greatest competitive advantages. We help you ensure you are building and maintaining the best team of employees possible.


Organizational leaders are accountable for highly complex decisions. Often, the ramifications of their decisions have a widespread impact on their company or industry. Therefore, it can be helpful to have a trusted advisor to act as an effective sounding board. We approach coaching as a mutually designed relationship where leaders share their concerns in a safe environment. Together, we work to overcome roadblocks and unlock personal and organizational potential. Coaching occurs in monthly or weekly meetings; based on your situation.


Hiring the right people can make or break an organization. Using our proprietary processes, we assist organizations with identifying, screening, and interviewing high-level candidates. Our rigorous evaluation criteria ensures you are hiring the right people, who have the proven skills and desire to meet and exceed your expectations.


We all have them, those difficult employees. In fact, the most difficult ones sometimes are the highest performers, which can result in a reluctance to be "too hard" on them. However, difficult employees can often do more harm than good inside your organization. They can challenge morale, create strife, and ultimately impact your bottom-line. We understand the importance of Knowledge Capital and have helped numerous clients facing the same situation turn difficult employees into high-performing players.


Employee assessments help you make critical business decisions that will increase synergy, productivity, and profitability. Our process helps us to determine if each employee’s talents are being used to their fullest capacity. We also strive to gain an understanding of their interests and individual drives to ensure they are engaged in fulfilling work. Our insights help you to create economic advantages in human resource decisions, service delivery, and overall teamwork.


People need constructive feedback; it is hardwired into our DNA. We grow from learning, and a properly constructed performance review can have tremendous benefits for both you and your employee. This goes beyond laying out every negative aspect of your employee's conduct over the past six months. Our process celebrates accomplishments and offers solutions to problematic behaviors. We help you set achievable employee development goals, and coach people how to grow into the various opportunities within your organization.