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How We Work

We work best with growth stage companies who have trouble breaking through to the next level. This could be due to a variety of reasons, which is why we conduct a thorough analysis of your people, systems, and processes. We work to build upon your success by uncovering opportunities to enhance profitability and revenues by:  

Understanding Your Needs:

  • Your issues and objectives. We meet with you to understand what you see as the major issues, challenges and objectives within your business.
  • Your business environment. We interview key managers in the business, perform a complete financial analysis, and conduct employee surveys .

Prioritizing Your Potential:

  • By impact on the business. We help find the one or two things that will have the largest impact on the business.
  • By difficulty. This helps to understand what is going to be involved in each task to implement a solution.

Implementing Actionable Strategies:

  • Getting it done! We have the experience and knowledge to put the changes into action in your organization. Since we have experience in business, we know what it takes to put ideas into action.
  • Details, details, details. We are very hands-on and get into the details. We do not just give you general, generic advice, but we work to provide very specific advice and assure that you can successfully implement positive change.
  • Transfer skills. We work with clients to transfer skills to the organization. This may be in the form of coaching, improved strategies or improved systems. There is no point in getting things fixed while the consultant is around, then have them break down later. The key is to make a sustainable, positive change to the organization.

It is our goal to provide the very best level of service to our customers and realize not everyone is an ideal fit for our success model. If we cannot help, we will say so. If we can, we will provide solid, actionable advice. We focus on helping you get the results you need in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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