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Client Profile

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There are many reasons companies do not meet their full potential. Perhaps employees are not working together effectively, or the company has not incorporated the most relevant technology into their business structure. Some issues run deeper, such as difficulty communicating with partners, or operating in a vacuum with no one to act as a sounding board. These and other challenges can result in low-productivity and a general level of underperformance versus your competitors.  

Breakthrough Business Advisors works to understand the barriers holding these businesses back. Using our resources and experience we deliver actionable results. Our analysis and solutions can help to capitalize on growth opportunities, control expenses, improve productivity and quality, and enhance employee morale and performance.    

Our most successful clients share many of the following characteristics. If any of these sound familiar, you are likely a good candidate for our services.

  • High standards of excellence. Good enough isn't enough. Interested in being the very best in their field.
  • Committed to success. Persistent and willing to try many things to achieve results.
  • Realize there are no quick fixes. If it were easy, they would have solved it already.
  • Continuous improvement. Understand that to maintain their competitive edge, they must always strive for improvement and not be satisfied with the status quo.
  • Extremely capable. Willing to get assistance and expand their knowledge and expertise.
  • Small to Mid-size organization. Generating $5 million to $100 million in revenue with anywhere from 25 to 500 employees.